Increase your share of your customers’ annual IT spend!

The growth of your business comes largely from increasing monthly recurring revenue (MRR). When you add Idenxt’s services to your CSP licensing business, project-based practice, or your workplace support, you add significant MRR instantly, and almost effortlessly. If you transact licenses on CSP like M365 and D365, adding the Idenxt service SKUs as line items on your monthly invoices will grow your business instantly. It also adds value to your customer engagements. There’s no lock-in and volumes are adjusted on a monthly basis.

Provide an absolutely necessary service to your customers!

Your customers will appreciate the care you take in providing them with a complete solution, comprehensive end-to-end hosting and management of their entire Azure environment. The customer can easily determine which services they should produce in-house and which services that they should outsource to be delivered by Idenxt.

Keep your customers consistently satisfied with their Azure experience!

Nothing clobbers a customer experience like downtime. With Idenxt taking care of your customer’s IT environment, your customer enjoys their best protection against weaknesses, anomalies, security threats, and outages as Idenxt works to prevent problems from happening.

Enjoy deep insight into every deployment!

Another major contribution to increased customers satisfaction comes from identifying new needs and new opportunities to increase customer value with more additions to their Azure deployment. The best way to find these is to review the performance reports produced for you by Idenxt. Idenxt Configuration Management will ensure that your customers’ systems are always fully optimized.

Add plentiful incremental revenue with no incremental operating costs and no upfront investment!

Best of all, you produce all this incremental revenue without spending a dollar on new infrastructure, hardware, software, or personnel. Idenxt services are organized by item code, or stock keeping unit (SKU). Using the Idenxt services catalog, you select each of the SKUs needed to take care of your client’s total Azure environment, or selected segments of it. Invoice your client as additional line items on your monthly CSP invoice together with other services.

Idenxt is offered through Microsoft Partners!

Our go-to-market strategy is to work closely with Microsoft Partners and distributors. Some partners resell and some work together with us in other ways. Idenxt are partner centric in every engagement. Customers often got existing relationships with partners and Idenxt want to be part of that relationship because Idenxt know that it benefits customer satisfaction. Given the variety of partner types in our ecosystem, each with different business models, Idenxt’s services can easily be added by both partners who focus on license sales, as Well as project-oriented partners or ISVs that are not selling Microsoft licenses. Idenxt will train your team and empower your organization. Feel free to invite us to join with your people on sales calls. You always own and control the customer relationship. Idenxt is committed to working seamlessly with all members of the Microsoft Partner ecosystem!


Mission-critical System Protection

Idenxt provides a complete end-to-end hosting experience on the industry-leading Azure platform where we have added our management services on top together with our extensive know-how. Azure is the definitive enterprise-grade hosting service, powered by Microsoft. The result is completely seamless hosting of your every workload at a fixed, competitive and predictable cost. The Azure subscription and everything needed is included and there are no surprises.

Managed Services

Cloud Operations Foundation (CloudOps)

  • Proactive Monitoring
  • General Incident Management
  • Post-reporting of Incidents
  • Problem Management
  • Automated ticketing system

Security Management (SecOps)

  • Seek security weaknesses and breaches
  • Detect previously undetected threats
  • Hunts for suspicious activities at scale
  • Auto-escalation to Incident Management
  • Comprehensive Monthly Reporting

Application Incident Management

  • Application Incident Management
  • Comprehensive post-incident reporting
  • Manages all Standard, Customized and Bespoke applications
  • Complete Incident Management
  • Quarterly Proactive Reports

Configuration Management

  • Actively maintaining the right configuration
  • Safeguarding optimized performance, availability and cost
  • Detect and adjust configuration to usage patterns
  • Enable classification and management of systems in groups

Patch Management

  • Patch Management according to Microsoft’s guidelines
  • Utilizing Microsoft's Azure Update management center
  • Logging to troubleshoot update failures
  • Including/excluding of specific patches based on roles

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (DRaaS)

  • Actively Detailed configuration of backup policies
  • Site recovery of VMs based on industry best practice
  • Incident management of backup jobs and site replication
  • Monthly testing

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