Idenxt brings the next level of hosting to a cloud-first, mobile-first world based on Microsoft Cloud, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Oracle Cloud and many alternative cloud providers.

Our core mission is to manage mission-critical workloads in the Microsoft Cloud, especially Azure, in close partnership with Microsoft partners and their customers. Microsoft partners each bring unique and valuable skillsets. Working with Idenxt frees them to focus on their core expertise while it takes care of managing their customer’s IT environments, focusing especially on the security and performance of their various workloads.

Workloads are best delivered when you take a holistic 360-degree view from networking to server infrastructure, databases and all the way up the stack to the critical application layer. Users enjoy the best possible experience when their applications are securely and readily accessible with great performance. Managing workloads to meet their high expectations is the primary Idenxt specialty. Many Microsoft partners have turned to the Idenxt design team to educate them in cloud-transition best practices. Idenxt brings all that to bear for customers today.

Your business relationship with Idenxt is predictable, consistent, and pleasant.

In a world where long contractual periods have been the norm, Idenxt customers can terminate their subscription at at any time with only 30 days written notice. Idenxt earns your trust, understanding that enjoying a long-term relationship requires consistent delivery of stellar, cost-effective service. You are never subjected to vendor “lock-in” preferring to have you remain with an Idenxt partner or customer based on satisfaction rather than contract.

Per WerngrenCEO

Idenxt Founder – Per Werngren

Founded by the former leader of one of Scandinavia’s largest B2B hosting providers, Idenxt is an international automated managed service provider with deeply experienced design and support team members located around the world, focused on serving clients in Europe and the United States.

The Idenxt team have long been enthusiastic leaders and contributors to the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP), the recognized voice of the Microsoft Channel Ecosystem. The commitment to Microsoft remains strong. They are the main provider of technology and services supported by Idenxt. The close and long-term connection keeps our developers well-informed, which benefits clients directly. The Idenxt US West Coast office in Redmond, WA, is strategically located close to the Microsoft Campus making it easy for our developers and support specialists to interact with the different teams and leaders at Microsoft.

Focus on your workloads and let Idenxt assure the platform.

“At Idenxt, we strive to provide stellar management services where we take an application centric approach. Our partners and customers will be able to focus on their core businesses and leave managing workloads to us”

Championing Partner-to-Partner Partnering

Idenxt’s founder, developers, support specialists, and other team members have long been active members and leaders in the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP). This organization serves as the voice of the Microsoft Partner Ecosystem as it has for decades. The core goal of IAMCP has always been to foster proactive partner-to-partner partnering (P2P). The Idenxt business model has its foundations in this powerful ethic. We bring the automated Azure management capability to partners and will never seek to obtain any other business.

Creating Idenxt

Our history as a company is short, but we build on decades of experience. We made our official launch in the Spring of 2022 and we had been working on this project since 2019. Proper planning always takes time but the pandemic slowed things down significantly so it took a few years we could say that we were ready for prime time.

Our founder, Per Werngren, was part of the hosting boom that started at the turn of the Millennium and together with a fantastic team, they built a worldclass organization called Idenet that served customers all over the globe although the main focus was the Northern hemisphere with a stronghold in Scandinavia.

Physical servers soon turned to virtual machines, which provided a great opportunity for higher levels of service and higher cost-efficiency. The team saw that hosting in smaller datacenters would come under pressure as the cloud was gaining momentum. Perhaps the turning point of this shift was as early as 2010 when Microsoft’s CEO at that time, Steve Ballmer, held a speech at the University of Washington saying “We’re all in” for cloud computing.

After a successful exit, our founder spent time advising Microsoft partners, working with Microsoft Corp in USA and Western Europe, around how to transition a traditional Microsoft partner business into a cloud-based-recurring-revenue-based one. An endless number of speeches, workshops and 1:1 sessions led to the insight that a new company was needed on the market to do exactly this. Instead of just preaching and teaching – let’s do it ourselves!

The band got together and started working with this new vision. Two things were given right from the start; focus on the Microsoft Cloud (Azure) as the platform and focus on selling only through Microsoft Partners.

Trust is everything and we know and trust Microsoft as a company, we love the Microsoft Cloud and we adore and want to do business together with the fantastic ecosystem that Microsoft Partners represents.

We’re proud of the journey we had with Idenet, and we think that our new company is the next level, so the name Idenxt felt natural for the new company as it links to our history and looks towards the future.

Idenxt was born and now we’re writing new history and building success together with our partners.


Mission-critical System Protection

Idenxt provides a complete end-to-end hosting experience on the industry-leading Azure platform where we have added our management services on top together with our extensive know-how. Azure is the definitive enterprise-grade hosting service, powered by Microsoft. The result is completely seamless hosting of your every workload at a fixed, competitive and predictable cost. The Azure subscription and everything needed is included and there are no surprises.

Managed Services

Cloud Operations Foundation (CloudOps)

  • Proactive Monitoring
  • General Incident Management
  • Post-reporting of Incidents
  • Problem Management
  • Automated ticketing system

Security Management (SecOps)

  • Seek security weaknesses and breaches
  • Detect previously undetected threats
  • Hunts for suspicious activities at scale
  • Auto-escalation to Incident Management
  • Comprehensive Monthly Reporting

Application Incident Management

  • Application Incident Management
  • Comprehensive post-incident reporting
  • Manages all Standard, Customized and Bespoke applications
  • Complete Incident Management
  • Quarterly Proactive Reports

Configuration Management

  • Actively maintaining the right configuration
  • Safeguarding optimized performance, availability and cost
  • Detect and adjust configuration to usage patterns
  • Enable classification and management of systems in groups

Patch Management

  • Patch Management according to Microsoft’s guidelines
  • Utilizing Microsoft's Azure Update management center
  • Logging to troubleshoot update failures
  • Including/excluding of specific patches based on roles

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (DRaaS)

  • Actively Detailed configuration of backup policies
  • Site recovery of VMs based on industry best practice
  • Incident management of backup jobs and site replication
  • Monthly testing

Work With Us

We are genuine

We run an organization that fosters transparency and high ethics. This influences everything that we do.

We work as one team

Our partners and customers are the heroes and we're here to support their success!

We are curious

We'll never stop learning. With the rapid pace of innovation, there's always something new to learn and we want to continue to be the very best in our field!

We love sustainability

Sustainability is crucial and we can all take responsibility. Making the right choices to reduce negative environmental impact and to foster greener alternatives is important and our ecosystem are taking the lead.

We are empathetic

It's a privilege to be responsible for our customers' IT environments and we'll always respect the needs and priorities of our customers.

We are inclusive

We strongly believe in equal opportunities regardless of gender, faith, nationality, race or age. We know that diversity builds great organizations and sustainable companies.

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