Proactively protect your most critical systems on Azure 24×7

Secure your mission-critical systems on the industry-leading Azure platform.

  • Sleep well at night, knowing you’ve secured your systems and ensured the highest availability every hour, every day and every month – 24×7 365
  • Proactive care of both the infrastructure and application layers
  • Rely on a proven methodology, experienced experts, and AI tools
  • Everything at a fixed cost per month including the Azure subscription and a stellar SLA

Azure + Idenxt = maximum protection for your systems that need it most!

Azure is the definitive enterprise-grade hosting service, powered by Microsoft. Idenxt adds expert management as a layer to protect mission-critical systems.

  • Satisfy your users 24×7 365 by leveraging Microsoft’s automated AI-driven technology combined with our decades of expertise
  • The entire solution is packaged into one comprehensive service on one unified monthly bill
  • Get a consistent, competitive and budgetable cost with no surprises
  • We take care of running your systems regardless of whether they need to be migrated to the cloud or if they’re already there

Show Idenxt your business case and challenge us!

Engaging Idenxt to manage and protect your mission-critical systems elevates your operations while reducing your operating costs!

Not sure?

See for yourself how you get better uptime and security for your most mission-critical systems – and sleep well at night! We’ll work with your financial managers to create a fully-documented business-case comparison free of charge and commitment.

Discover a vision of something better.

How to Know Which Systems Are Mission-Critical

Start thinking that one of your systems may rise to the importance of being “mission-critical” when you realize you need it to be secured and managed 24x7x365.

Ask yourself how much financial or human-safety risk that application handles. What would it cost per minute were that system to become unavailable? The more risk, the more likely you’re looking at a mission-critical system, defined as a collection of application resources, which must be highly reliable on the platform. The system must always be available, resilient to failures, and operational.

The most important thing is that YOU define what is mission-critical for YOU. In our view, a system that hurts your business when it doesn’t work, or when security is compromised, should be considered mission-critical and should be assigned to Idenxt for management and protection.

Partnering for Excellence

As always, Idenxt services are available through our network of Microsoft partners. If you’re not currently working with a Microsoft Partner, Idenxt will gladly match you with one that will be a great fit for your specific needs and requirements. Working with Microsoft Partners, where each one focuses on bringing the value of their specializations, creates the foundation for the highest customer satisfaction.

Through Microsoft Partners

  • Idenxt services are offered through Microsoft Partners.
  • Increase value to customers and share of total IT spend.
  • Become an even more strategic partner to your customers.
  • Add incremental income with no incremental operating costs and no upfront investment.

Idenxt Advantages

  • Provides and manages your Azure subscriptions, including renewals and user changes.
  • Protects your most mission-critical systems on Azure 24x7x365 – only the ones you choose!
  • Proactive monitoring for weaknesses and threats, with Immediate Actioning of Alerts
  • Proactively cares for both the infrastructure and application layers on Azure.
  • Employs time-proven methodologies, experienced experts, and advanced AI tools.
  • You simplify budgeting, enjoy fixed monthly pricing, optimized subscriptions, and an industry-leading service level agreement (SLA).
  • Your Azure subscriptions enjoy Idenxt’s volume-based pricing, which provides significant cost reduction
  • You reduce cost and increase employee satisfaction with no need to hire engineers on-call outside office hours!
  • You stop worrying about problems with or exposure of mission-critical applications, knowing that they’re secured, managed, and maintained by IT industry experts.
  • You get comprehensive root cause analysis and a truly collaborative partnership with your application suppliers/owners to build long-term stability.
  • You experience the confidence of knowing you’ve assigned the most cost-effective resources to each of your assets.


Mission-critical System Protection

Idenxt provides a complete end-to-end hosting experience on the industry-leading Azure platform where we have added our management services on top together with our extensive know-how. Azure is the definitive enterprise-grade hosting service, powered by Microsoft. The result is completely seamless hosting of your every workload at a fixed, competitive and predictable cost. The Azure subscription and everything needed is included and there are no surprises.

Building Blocks

Cloud Operations Foundation (CloudOps)

  • Proactive Monitoring
  • General Incident Management
  • Post-reporting of Incidents
  • Problem Management
  • Automated ticketing system

Security Management (SecOps)

  • Seek security weaknesses and breaches
  • Detect previously undetected threats
  • Hunts for suspicious activities at scale
  • Auto-escalation to Incident Management
  • Comprehensive Monthly Reporting

Application Incident Management

  • Application Incident Management
  • Comprehensive post-incident reporting
  • Manages all Standard, Customized and Bespoke applications
  • Complete Incident Management
  • Quarterly Proactive Reports

Configuration Management

  • Actively maintaining the right configuration
  • Safeguarding optimized performance, availability and cost
  • Detect and adjust configuration to usage patterns
  • Enable classification and management of systems in groups

Patch Management

  • Patch Management according to Microsoft’s guidelines
  • Utilizing Microsoft's Azure Update management center
  • Logging to troubleshoot update failures
  • Including/excluding of specific patches based on roles

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (DRaaS)

  • Actively Detailed configuration of backup policies
  • Site recovery of VMs based on industry best practice
  • Incident management of backup jobs and site replication
  • Monthly testing

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