As a partner of Microsoft, we share Microsoft’s global vision to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Together, Microsoft and its partners can and do have a powerful impact.

Our organization will therefore strive to, wherever possible:

Ensure we are an ambassador of Digital Skills initiatives in collaboration with Microsoft:

  • Raise internal awareness of the Digital Skills initiatives and take advantage of opportunities to provide staff with new skills training.
  • Promote the Digital Skills initiatives to customers.

Ensure we are building AI in a responsible and ethical way, consistent with AI design principles such as:

  • Fairness – Use AI to drive efficiencies while protecting dignity and guarding against bias.
  • Accountability – Decisions made by AI must be accountable to citizens and consumers.
  • Explainable – AI must be explainable and understandable.
  • Ethics – AI must assist humanity and respect rights, such as privacy.

Ensure we are focused on sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint through:

  • Conversations: endeavour to make sustainability part of supplier and enterprise customer engagement moving forward.
  • Tools: utilize new tools to enable customers to better monitor and manage their carbon footprint, for example using the Microsoft Emissions Impact Dashboard.

Endeavour to build a more diverse and inclusive workforce through:

  • Having a plan to improve inclusion, including adopting inclusive recruitment and promotion processes and practices to support the development and retention of a diverse workforce.
  • Ensure everyone in the organization regardless of race, disability, gender, sexual orientation, or other relevant protected status feels included.

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