Time for Your IPO! (Idenxt Partner Opportunities)

Idenxt Azure Management Services offers you the simplest, most lucrative, and most effective way to truly impress your customers while adding plentiful incremental income!

And there are absolutely no training or certification requirements for becoming an Idenxt Partner!

If you’re a Microsoft Partner, you simply provide your Microsoft Partner ID and answer a few questions establishing terms and conditions and you’re ready to sell Idenxt Azure Management Services along with every Azure subscription you sell or encounter in the field.

Idenxt Benefits for ALL Partners

Perhaps the most important benefit to Idenxt Partners is how Idenxt raises your reputation for providing an extraordinary customer experience, excellent results, worry-free Azure, and it better assures continuing customer loyalty. Powerful partner benefits include:

No Partner Fees

Idenxt helps partners make more money, not spend it. And the money you make is always monthly recurring revenue!

No Published Pricing

As part of your Idenxt Partner Agreement you’ll receive a clear, concise schedule of costs charged to you for each Idenxt Service. If you prefer, these also constitute the commission that will be paid to you if you prefer to have Idenxt invoice your customer.

Plenty of Room for Your Margin

While many partners prefer to add Idenxt’s services as line items into their customer’s monthly CSP invoice, you will always find that Idenxt costs/commissions leave plenty of room for you to build in as much margin as you believe is appropriate.

Everything is Hybrid. Idenxt Manages it All

When cloud migrations began, every customer’s network became a hybrid of on-premises and cloud. Soon, they became hybrids of on-premises, public cloud, and private cloud. Today many environments are multi-cloud. So seldom does an environment only consist solely of one kind of setup that everything can be considered hybrid. Idenxt partners will enjoy being able to say they cover it all!

Idenxt is Easy to Sell

While Idenxt is an excellent set of services, it is configured and sold the same way you would any product! Using your customers’ Azure profile, you select the Idenxt Item Codes (SKU) required to properly cover them. You’re then furnished with pricing, costs, and a quick one-click process to place the order and have the services provisioned and initiated.

Idenxt Is Flexibly Configured to Suit Your Business Model

Some partners prefer to provide their customers with a single consolidated invoice for all monthly services. You pay your discounted cost to Idenxt and invoice your customer for the price you’ve set with them. Others prefer having Idenxt invoice directly and pay the margin back to them. Idenxt accommodates both invoicing models and you, the Microsoft Partner always own and manage the customer relationship.

Highly Technical Idenxt Sales Engineers Are Available to Help You Sell

Especially as you begin including Idenxt in every proposal, you’ll want to have a knowledgeable resource to help you explain the value to your customer and encourage them to engage the service, along with the Azure services you’re proposing. The Idenxt sales team is composed of true Azure experts who have been selling it for decades. Not only will you close your sales, you’ll also learn how to better present both Azure and Idenxt!

Why Microsoft CSP Partners Want to Partner with Idenxt

For Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers (CSP), whether you specialize as a VAR in reselling Azure, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, Power Platform or if you provide any other solution areas, your customers need someone to manage what you’re selling. This is an opportunity for both you and for us.

We will provide you with a set of additional services to sell to your customers. By not only selling the licenses, but also providing the crucial services needed, you’ll increase your value as the trusted provider to your customers. And your customers will appreciate that Idenxt’s services are far more cost-efficient than if the customer would look elsewhere or if he would ask his internal IT department to manage and secure his Azure environment themselves. In fact, we love to help our partners with cost comparisons for their customers. Our services don’t need a lengthy change, development or implementation project as we will hit the ground running and will be able to start our delivery in just a few number of days.

The Idenxt proven partnering methodology assures you of a completely trustworthy, proactive business relationship of mutual benefit when you engage us to provide that fundamental support to your clients. With Idenxt, you provide your clients with the most experienced, best-of-breed expertise delivering needed services along with you in a relationship that is totally, seamlessly integrated. Idenxt monitors, manages and secures everything in the Azure infrastructure for your clients 24/7/365. We believe that your customers will appreciate that you’re able to provide more services to them which will grow your share of their IT budget.

Microsoft’s CSP licensing model has become a tremendous success and it makes it easy for Microsoft’s partners to sell cloud licenses. Partners that transact on CSP can easily add Idenxt SKUs to their customer offerings and make us part your CSP catalog. This will grow your revenue and provide a healthy additional profitability stream that exceeds the margins on reselling Microsoft CSP licenses.

Why Microsoft ISV Partners Want to Partner with Idenxt

Microsoft loves ISVs, and for great reason! ISVs create the workloads that increase Azure consumption and create happy new Azure customers all the time.

In the truest sense of the word, Idenxt supports ISVs every step of the way. You bring the solution, and we’ll support the platform. You provide the comprehensive workload package your customers expect, including hosting, threat hunting, and management. Your customer enjoys true satisfaction without provisioning, installing, migrating, or deploying anything. And you never lose a moment’s peace worrying about the underlying Azure infrastructure. We’ve got that.

If you’re not going to manage the Azure infrastructure yourself, you want to partner with someone who has deep experience doing so for a broad variety of customer types. Someone who has a track record of building and maintaining long-term partnerships with ISVs like you.

Whether you’re still delivering on-premises solutions, cloud-based delivery, or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), single tenant or multi-tenancy, your customers will enjoy extraordinary performance, you’ll enjoy a cost-base that allows you room for substantial margin, and your account executives will experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing services are being delivered to their customers by experts.

For ISVs that are ready for SaaS, Idenxt offloads the burden of running the infrastructure and provides you with a service where it manages and optimizes your SaaS solution, enabling your team members to focus on development and sales. Idenxt assures that your applications perform at their best, day and night, month by month, year over year.

Idenxt is application centric and knows what it takes to help SaaS providers with a growing number of users and high expectations for availability and an optimized delivery.

Why Former Microsoft Infrastructure Partners Want to Partner with Idenxt

Were you a Microsoft infrastructure partner?

If so, you’re probably doing something else now. Something quite different from what you did back then. Most customers have either moved all their workloads to the cloud and no longer need servers or local infrastructure, or they are in the process of doing so. If you ever sold servers or storage, you’re probably not doing that today, so you’re not installing any of that anymore.

Some of you have changed your focus to Dynamics ERP, CRM, or both. Others have discovered the Power Platform and are busily building applications to integrate into Modern Workplaces. Or perhaps you’ve mastered other low-code/no-code tools for application development. Perhaps you’ve homed in on specific applications that you consult on, implement, or support. Now you face a new problem!

Your customers still need someone to manage their IT environments.

You can consider doing that yourself, but you know that will distract you from your core business and dilute your available resources. It’s just not what you do anymore, and you shouldn’t. Microsoft drove you to specialize on a specific competency, strongly suggesting that you partner with others to do anything other than that. Don’t be all things to all people. Focus.

Idenxt has been assembled by a group of very successful, long-term Microsoft experts with the variety of skillsets needed to partner very effectively with you, managing your customers’ IT environments so you can focus on the solutions you bring. No longer will your specialists need to revert back to former skills. They will stay focused on your future, and your customers.

Next Generation Hosting for your Next Generation Solutions

As the new generation of Microsoft Partners, you’ve evolved well beyond the infrastructure fundamentals needed to support your modern workloads. Much of what you sold in the past is just a distraction to you now, and sometimes a costly one. The skillsets you offer are far beyond the mundane management of infrastructure operations. Time to eliminate these distractions.

To best support and deliver your workloads, Idenxt takes a holistic 360-degree view from the networking, server infrastructure, database, security all the way up to the critical application layer. Your clients and their customers enjoy great performance from your applications. The kind of performance you would deliver yourself. You focus on workloads. Idenxt focuses on delivery.

Next Steps with Idenxt

You’ll find the Idenxt Partner Program to be the simplest, most direct way to make money by increasing the value of your customers’ investments.

That’s right. If you’re a Microsoft Partner of any kind you already qualify to sell Idenxt Azure Management Services to your customers.

Once you’re confirmed and issued an Idenxt Partner Account, simply use the item codes above to specify your customer’s specific Azure environment and their management needs. Idenxt experts are available to assist you, but you’ll find it easy to do on your own in very short order.

We look forward to making you your Azure customer’s hero every time!

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