Assuring Reliability & Optimal Performance for Mission-Critical Systems & WorkloadsProtection Layer

Author: Howard M. Cohen

Most important thing everyone knows about mission-critical systems, applications, and workloads is that failure to keep them running at optimal performance is a very expensive problem. These systems are fundamental to the ongoing operations of your business. Beyond the potential expense of recovery there is also the possibility of significant damage to the business’s reputation and lasting impact from the disruption to company operations.

Operating any sophisticated system at scale is always complex, requiring extensive platform knowledge, experience and expertise to assure that the right technologies, utilities, platforms, and services are selected and optimally configured. Among the many considerations, key concerns include:

Availability When any system becomes unavailable, work stops. People sit idle. Costs mount quickly.
Reliability All users must have confidence that the system is performing its functions properly.
Performance Every process the system performs must be executed as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Scalability Opportunities for business growth must be rapidly met with appropriate growth of system capacity and functionality.
Compliance Compliance with any and all regulations the enterprise may be impacted by must be strictly achieved and maintained, ready for audit at any time.
Security All components of the system must be insulated from access by unauthorized actors.

Fulfilling all these obligations and more is generally beyond the capacity of any business engaged in anything other than IT operations. The resources required, both human and technical, are well beyond the budgets of all but the largest enterprises.

The primary goal for Idenxt is to provide the expertise, the experience, and all the resources required to fulfill and exceed the obligations involved in deploying and maintaining mission-critical systems and workloads.

Automation + Human Expertise

Another important goal is to apply as much automation as possible to assure the highest reliability and performance at the lowest practical cost. By combining optimal automation with extensive human experience and expertise, we provide the ideal solution for protecting your most business-critical systems and operations.

Users depend upon Azure to provide a superior platform for the operation of their mission-critical systems. Idenxt delivers the services required to provide the utmost reliabilityand performance for your mission-critical systems and workloadsin one unified system that removes responsibility from your personnel, shifting it to the Idenxt operation to provide the required mission-critical systems performance.

Trust Your Mission-Critical Systems and Workloads to Idenxt

To learn more about how Idenxt fulfills all the requirements for providing superior operation and management of mission-critical systems, contact us here.

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