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Let’s SaaS-ify your apps

Some apps cannot be delivered through a web browser. There can be multiple reasons like the complexity of the app, technical requirements that needs resources on a traditional PC and security concerns.

Long time ago, the only solution was to install the app locally and in many cases interact with the backbone part of the app on a server – remember client-server computing. Two decades ago, came the ability to run the app in terminal server with Citrix as the market leader until an oligopoly was created when Microsoft finally got it right with Windows RDS (Remote Desktop Services). Today, most apps that cannot be delivered purely through a web browser will be delivered through Windows RDS with or without the add-on from Citrix.

But when you consider running your apps in the Azure cloud, it’s time to replace Windows RDS with a more modern solution. Microsoft has two great offerings that in some ways are overlapping each other. First came WVD (Windows Virtual Desktop) that last year was renamed to AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop.

AVD is a desktop and app virtualization service that runs on the Azure cloud. It’s a revolution in terms of functionality and the cost for most scenarios is less than for running legacy Win RDS.

Then came Windows 365 Cloud PC that was announced last year. Perhaps Win 365 was intended more for the SMBs, but it has been proven to be a solution that even larger enterprises can see as a great fit for parts of their workforce.

Microsoft has two great offerings in AVD and Win 365 and they overlap more than they differentiate. For you as an ISV, it really doesn’t matter much as both will do the job well.

The SaaS model (Software as a Service) is something that many ISVs are dreaming about. It is a nice model for many scenarios, but it requires a multi-tenant architecture and there might be both technical and performance reasons as well as compliance obstacles why it doesn’t work for everyone today.

But with our approach, you can easily combine your app with a virtual desktop offering and make it ‘seat based’ so that it feels like SaaS. Perhaps there is an entry-level of X seats and the customer can add more seats on a monthly basis. We can help you craft your offering, and we can take on financial risk as we know that it will take time before we reach critical mass.

We love ISVs and we’re building lasting partnerships so that your success equals our success. Regardless if you deliver your app through the browser or through AVD/Win 365 – we want to become your trusted partner!

Reach out to us and let’s talk more!

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