Is This the Good News… or the Bad News

Author: Howard M. Cohen

Why did you move your IT operations to Azure?

Was it to eliminate the capital investments you had to make in equipment? Reduce your operating expenses, such as power and cooling? Or was it to rid yourself of the unfamiliar territory that is IT systems management and operations?

Let the Pros Do It

Many years ago, when you first procured and installed your own computer network you may not have anticipated the often overwhelming burden created by needing to manage it. In many cases, you had to hire people with no real idea of how to evaluate candidates. It seemed like you were forever buying more software and engaging outsourcers to fix problems your people created inadvertently.

Then the cloud arrived!

You were probably thrilled to get that IT management burden off your plate. No longer would you have to worry about hardware, software, utilities, upgrades, or anything other than using great software to run your business.

Or so you thought.

Azure Server Management Services

Yes, Azure takes care of the hardware and software, and offers up all the services one could possibly want. But that’s not the whole management story.

Microsoft Learn features an article entitled Overview of Azure Server Management Services. A quick review of this publicly available article is very enlightening!

After promising “a consistent experience for managing services at scale,” which already may be something you never anticipated, they offer this helpful graphic to orient you to your new services:

This raises a pretty simple and obvious question: Who do you have on your team to do all this?

To make things even easier, they highlight three key phases you’ll need someone to manage:

Same question, especially for phase 3. Did you anticipate having to do all this when you migrated? Did you identify specific personnel to assign to these tasks? Is it possible you released those people when you made the Azure transition?

Even Bigger Question

Depending on your answers to those questions, you may find yourself with an even bigger question: Are these things you even WANT your people to be tackling? Wasn’t the whole point to get the IT management burden off your plate?

That Is Why Idenxt Was Created

Take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. Many company owners and managers slammed up against the exact same surprise. Far more management required for their new Azure environment.

No complaint with Microsoft! Look at all those wonderful tools they provide for managing your Azure environment. Seems like everything you’d need to do it, if you even wanted to do it at all. But it is very, very likely that you don’t. You were looking forward to not having to worry about any of that anymore.

That’s Why We Created Idenxt

The team that created Idenxt has been helping companies like yours manage their on-premises systems since long, long before there was even the thought of cloud computing. And since cloud arrived, they’ve been helping those companies make the transition seamlessly and successfully.

We observed that many of those customers were dismayed when they confronted the management activities still required even in the Azure cloud. It became clear they needed an alternative that would perform and manage all of these services.

Fortunately, we did so in a time when automation is being deployed to simplify and improve the ways in which these management services are accomplished.

The result is a solution you simply sign up for and consider even this remaining management burden off your plate, reassigned to experts and automation who will handle it all transparently. You won’t have to hire any new personnel or invest in any more training. Your Azure environment will deliver the results you wanted in the first place, without the unwelcome operational burdens you never anticipated.

Idenxt – Invisible Azure Management

You and your people worry about the work you’re there to do. Let Idenxt worry about the high-performance operation of the IT systems and services you use to get it done.

For more information and insight into how to leverage Idenxt to increase your revenue without proportional increases to operating costs, contact us here.

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