What does it mean to be Partner Centric?

For us, it means that we conduct business through our partners. At Idenxt we work indirectly through partners and ISVs. One of our very first questions, when a customer contacts us, is always: ‘Which partner do you work with?’

We never attempt to break an existing partner relationship, and we always prefer to work through an existing partner. Sometimes the customer will say that they don’t have a close relationship with a partner and that’s when we suggest someone that we think would be a great fit for their type of business, geography, and business needs.

We share Microsoft’s strong belief that customers will likely become happier, and they will probably deploy more services if there is a skilled partner working together with them. The right type of IT solutions carries of course a cost, but at the same time, they will help the customer to gain efficiencies and become more competitive so that’s where a customer needs a skilled partner. The right partner will carry his own weight and provide more value than the size of his bills.

The true magic really happens in partnerships! We are pretty good at managing workloads because that is our core business, and our partners are of course amazingly great at other things. Together we create the magic that enables customers to become successful.

Partners in the Microsoft ecosystem come in many shapes, and we find that many partners are involved in the CSP (Cloud Solutions Provider)program as part of their MSP (Managed Solutions Provider), VAR (Value Added Reseller) or SI (Systems Integrator) business. Whatever acronym that best describes our partners’ businesses, we love to help out with advice on how to optimize CSP in the era of NCE (New Commerce Experience) and we can also give advice on how to get the most out of Azure and other Microsoft Cloud subscriptions. We can assist and support, but we will not interfere, as we want to help partners grow their businesses. Licensing is best handled by our wonderful partners and it’s not within our scope to sell licenses if we can avoid it.

When we began planning for the launch of Idenxt we analyzed the growth of workloads coming to Azure and we saw that all kinds of companies were moving to the Microsoft Cloud. In the past, it was mostly startups and only selected workloads, often test and development, that found their way to Azure. But today it has become mainstream, and most companies realize that someday all their workloads will move one of the big clouds, and some have already done the move. A game-changer is that we now see mission-critical and highly complex workloads being deployed on Azure. The wave of migration to the cloud is gigantic and it is driven by all the right and sound business reasons. We see Azure as the new generation of data centres that are virtual and have unprecedented scalability in terms of capacity and geography.

One thing that hasn’t changed is that workloads still will need some TLC, Tender Love & Care, to perform well. That means that all the processes that were needed in the old hosting world are still applicable, but we no longer need to spend time on what’s beneath the software layer like hardware, electricity, cooling, physical security and more, as that has been taken care of courtesy by Microsoft.

This is the rationale for why we stated Idenxt as we saw that there was a distinct gap in the market for a partner that was focusing on taking care of managing workloads in Azure. And by narrowing down what we do, we do not compete with our partners, instead, we add tangible value to everyone involved.

Our aim is to build long-lasting relationships that go both ways. Our partners often invite us to be part of business opportunities and we do the same whenever a potential customer says to us that they don’t have a partner but would like to get to know one. Referring business opportunities to each other is a great way to make everyone happy! We see Microsoft Partners and ISVs as our main channel, and we know which partners that are best in class, we can easily make a referral for the right one and our network of partners spans the globe and many industries.

We have never liked the old mantra ‘give and take’ – for us, it’s the more friendly ‘give and give that’ is our North Star and that is how we operate. What goes around comes around is true also when it comes to partnerships.

We call our approach Partner Centric, and it is a proven model tested over many years with great success all over the globe. As we say, no partner can do everything themselves, but specialized partners working together can do a lot for the benefit of our customers. And when both partners and customers are happy, the bond is becoming stronger and stronger which builds long-lasting business relationships.

That is the answer to why we at Idenxt are 100% committed to nurturing partnerships. It’s in our DNA and we love it!

Let’s talk about partnering together!

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