Enjoy Azure Hosting the Way You Thought You Would

Author: Howard M. Cohen

Companies running their first application in the cloud are often surprised to find it’s not quite as effortless as they may have thought it would be. Sometimes problems arise that need to be addressed by someone more cloud-conversant. That may be someone they just don’t have on their staff.

Even when choosing the best and biggest of cloud services, Azure, there is more to running an application on it than they thought.

Why You Make the Choices You Make

When you want to secure valuable items, you put them in a vault at a financial institution you know you can trust. Not only are you depending upon the security of the vault, you are also depending upon the professionalism and responsibility of the people who run that institution.

When you need to litigate a case, you’re depending upon the justice system to reach the right conclusion and render fair and equitable decisions, but you’re also trusting your own attorney to handle the matter with the greatest professional skill and knowledge of the law.

When you need to run an application you choose Azure because you trust that well-known, highly reputable cloud service to provide the highest quality and availability of services. 

But who are you trusting to deploy, manage, and provide ongoing support of that application running in Azure? Are you planning to do that yourself? Does anyone in your employ have the requisite skills?

Make a Better Decision When Running Applications on Azure

When you have an important application that contributes significantly to your business you choose to run it on Azure because you know it’s a service you can trust. Similarly, you should turn to a hosting service provider with tremendous experience, deep knowledge of Azure, and a track record of success running applications on Azure for many companies across many years.

Idenxt is that provider. 

While many hosting services will encourage you to use their “alternative cloud” solution, Idenxt has long depended upon the most reliable of cloud services, Azure. 

Our team is composed of long-time Azure experts, many of them Microsoft MVPs for many years, all of them completely conversant with Azure, its services, and its operation. 

Augmenting their ability is automation we’ve designed to accelerate and assure accuracy in every Azure function. 

Whenever Azure requires operator intervention, Idenxt is there to respond and resolve on your behalf. And when it doesn’t, Idenxt is constantly seeking to optimize your Azure performance.

No Need to “Bet the Ranch”

Many hosting services want you to move your entire data estate and all applications to their servers.

Idenxt will begin with a single application that you wish to run on Azure. When you experience the calm assurance of knowing your Azure application is being managed consistently, you can always decide when and if you wish to migrate more.

Effortless Azure

Enjoy the effortless cloud experience you envisioned from the start. Engage Idenxt to bring your application to Azure and run it there for you.

For more information and insight into how to leverage Idenxt to increase your revenue without proportional increases to operating costs, contact us here.


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