Advantages with cloud hosting vs traditional hosting

The pace of innovation in recent years has been phenomenal and have changed the way we run our IT. Going away are servers on-premises and traditional hosting from smaller datacenters.

A few benefits with cloud hosting vs traditional hosting are listed below. In transparency, some of these benefits are also applicable to other large cloud vendors and not only to Microsoft and Azure so in a sense it’s about cloud vs traditional hosting. Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS is not important as both are great platforms.

  • Managing workloads in Azure gives you higher redundancy in data communication and local networks than you can achieve yourself, many alternative routes, and a high internal SLA at Microsoft ensures this
  • It’s easy to mirror to other Azure datacenters in a fail-over scenario
  • Easy to instantly increase capacity in Azure, can be done without having to wait for new hardware being delivered and installed
  • Easy to deploy VMs in Azure geographically closer to the customer, ability to get worldwide reach for everyone
  • Azure is better protected against cybercrime thanks to Microsoft’s continuous efforts in this field and the Azure security benefits is a focus area at Microsoft
  • There are significant cost benefits of cloud computing and Azure gives you a lower cost over time, this is a game changer but industry scale hosting in the cloud is now less expensive than traditional hosting
  • Azure do not tie up capital (CapEx) as everything is operational (OpEx)
Companies are increasingly migrating applications to Azure cloud owing to the benefits it has over traditional hosting

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