Just Worry About Workloads

With the management of all underlying technology now assigned to Azure, all we need to worry about now day-to-day are the workloads; business critical systems like ERP, CRM, eCommerce, and more. Also included are other more horizontal workloads like storage, websites, M365, D365 and more. With everything you need being delivered “as a Service,” you still need someone to manage it all so you don’t need to carry a mammoth IT payroll.

That’s where Idenxt comes in, enabling you to focus solely on applications, those developed in-house or those you’ve purchased and had customized to your specifications.

Monitoring Management is where it all starts. We’ll always implement monitoring of all resources that are under our wings. This means that we will be able to detect when there’s abnormal patterns that need to be looked into or when a service or system goes down and immediate action needs to be taken.

Incident Management is crucial and in almost all cases triggered by something detected by our Monitoring Management. An incident can be isolated to a certain service and location or can have a more widespread impact on the business. The Incident Management process often starts with little information and it’s important to be able to quickly ramp up according to the business impact that the incident might have. When an incident has been handled and everything is back to normal, we make sure that we document it in an Incident Management Report to be sent within 48 hours to our client. The report will contain not only a description of what happened, the timeline and the root cause; but the report will also give guidance for what should be done to decrease the likelihood of it happening again in the future.

Change Management is fully documented and assigned assuring the involvement of all relevant parties. Our core philosophy is when the right processes are followed, the drama goes away.

Configuration Management is not one-and-done. Rather, actively maintaining the right configuration every day according to the needs of the business saves money and increases performance/uptime.

Security Management is critical. Idenxt monitors your environment to quickly detect potential security breaches using intelligent security analytics driven by Microsoft Sentinel. This enables us to detect previously undetected threats and minimize false positives using Microsoft’s analytics and unparalleled threat intelligence. We then investigate threats with artificial intelligence tools and hunt for suspicious activities at scale, tapping into years of cyber security work at Microsoft. Security and hardened systems together with the right procedures and surveillance systems provide great protection against attacks.

Bespoke Workload Management acknowledges that you don’t only use generic and commercial applications. Most Idenxt customers also develop their own software which requires Monitoring, Incident Management, Change Management and Configuration Management as needed in partnership with your IT department or the software vendor that you have chosen. We’ve been told this is a very unique service not usually offered by our competitors.

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