AI is a Better Hunter

Author: Howard M. Cohen

The earliest data and network security product was the Guardian Firewall produced by Trusted Information Systems (TIS) and built on a “Crystal toolkit” which could be used to resolve many of the security problems encountered and identified.

The problem with a firewall was that it was completely reactive. When a threat arrived it was hoped the firewall would identify and stop it from entering the local network.

Networks Were Simpler

At the time TIS was selling the Guardian firewall, all they needed to protect were networks. Keep the bad guys from entering the local network or intercepting your data on its way to another destination.

Today’s cloud-based systems are far more complex.

In an Azure environment, the network that transports data from one place to another is only one component of the entire infrastructure. There are also servers, storage, services, virtual machine (VM) instances, and much more to protect. One look at an Azure traffic log and you immediately realize one very important thing – that no human being could possibly keep up with everything that’s going in an an Azure environment. It’s simply not humanly possible.

SecOps Goes AI

This is why the development of Idenxt began and continues to have a foundation in advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Not only can it read, analyze, comprehend, and make decisions based on all the logs. It also stores, reads, and assesses every incident, no matter how minor, for future use in comparing and making necessary inferences regarding behavioral activity in the Azure environment.

AI enables Idenxt to truly “get to know” your network intimately.

Threats Abound

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you!

One of your best allies in securing any system, including Azure, is your healthy skepticism. There are threats everywhere, and not just outside your own premises. The proportion of exploits that occur from inside a local network, whether interfaced to Azure or not, continues to rise and fall, but is always high. Your own users present a threat, even with the best of intentions. It’s all too easy for a user to make a mistake, misconfigure something, or respond to a malevolent phishing email designed to expose all your valuable data assets.

Outside, cybercriminals are constantly seeking new opportunities to compromise and penetrate your defenses. When they do, the patterns they create can offer powerful clues to their activity. That’s where AI can step in, recognizing the signs of potential penetrations before they are successfully completed.

Idenxt Interdicts

The AI algorithms embedded within Idenxt constantly hunt for oncoming attacks, determining and executing ways to prevent them long before they become dangerous.

What may be most important to pay attention to is the fact that Idenxt AI is constantly learning, constantly collecting new information about your systems and the data traffic patterns they live in. By constantly building a larger and larger large language model (LLM) specifically about your environment, Idenxt constantly improves its ability to identify anomalies and stop them before they ever get close to breaching you.

And Idenxt is always hunting, always on the job looking for trouble, and ready to combat it whenever necessary.

The Microsoft Partner is a Lonely (But Very Effective) Hunter

Interfacing your Azure customers to Idenxt makes you appear the hunter to your customers. They only see the results of exploits being prevented and precluded, and they thank you for it. Especially when you sit down with them to review the latest data and reports you’ve generated from Idenxt. Nothing earns customer respect more than your assurance of continued protection and constant vigilance, and with Idenxt you can provide all that and still get to sleep at night.

Grab Your Hat & Whip, and Contact Idenxt Today

Become your customers’ very own Indiana Jones and launch your hunt into the health of their Azure environment. Make Idenxt your AI partner in keeping customers safe from the ever-growing community of attackers both inside and outside their own infrastructure.

For more information about putting Idenxt to work for you and your customers, contact us here.

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