Were you a Microsoft infrastructure partner?

If so, you’re probably doing something else now. Something quite different from what you did back then. Most customers have either moved all their workloads to the cloud and no longer need servers or local infrastructure, or they are in the process of doing so. If you ever sold servers or storage, you’re probably not doing that today, so you’re not installing any of that anymore.

Some of you have changed your focus to Dynamics ERP, CRM, or both. Others have discovered the Power Platform and are busily building applications to integrate into Modern Workplaces. Or perhaps you’ve mastered other low-code/no-code tools for application development. Perhaps you’ve homed in on specific applications that you consult on, implement, or support. You might even have become a successful ISV with a SaaS business model! Now you face a new problem!

Your customers still need someone to manage their IT environments.

You can consider doing that yourself, but you know that will distract you from your core business and dilute your available resources. It’s just not what you do anymore, and you shouldn’t. Microsoft drove you to specialize on a specific competency, strongly suggesting that you partner with others to do anything other than that. Don’t be all things to all people. Focus.

It was good advice!

Idenxt has been assembled by a group of very successful, long-term Microsoft specialists with the variety of skillsets needed to partner very effectively with you, managing your customers’ IT environments so you can focus on the solutions you bring. No longer will your specialists need to revert back to former skills. They will stay focused on your future, and your customers.

Next Generation Hosting for your Next Generation Solutions

As the new generation of Microsoft Partners, you’ve evolved well beyond the infrastructure fundamentals needed to support your modern workloads. Much of what you sold in the past is just a distraction to you now, and sometimes a costly one. The skillsets you offer are far beyond the mundane management of infrastructure operations. Time to eliminate these distractions.

To best support and deliver your workloads, Identx takes a holistic 360-degree view from the networking, server infrastructure, database, security all the way up to the critical application layer. Your clients and their customers enjoy great performance from your applications. The kind of performance you would deliver yourself. You focus on workloads. We focus on delivery.

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