You have probably started your journey to the cloud for your clients but there are still assets on-premises or in co-location datacenters. It might be branch offices with unreliable data communication, it might be legacy workloads that are either destined to be phased out or modernized later. The most common scenario is that it is in co-location datacenters and that there is still financial lifespan in the hardware so there’s a need to manage them together with what’s already in the Microsoft Cloud.

Most Idenxt customers work in a hybrid environment, with some workloads in the cloud, some at co-location facilities, and some still resident in legacy data centers. We take a 360-degree view to manage all systems that are based on modern operating systems. Idenxt also helps you migrate more workloads to Azure, reducing your cost, consolidating your workloads, and accelerating your transitions.

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